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Graduate success and student internships

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Business degree student testimonial at University of Vermont

Jason Fish

degree: bachelor's
major: business administration
graduated: 2011

"It's competitive out there, and you need something to set you apart. I've gained an edge through my business coursework at the University of Vermont, which led to a coveted internship at Ernst and Young in Washington, DC. When it comes to landing a job, it's all about having done it before. I plan on either starting my own company or work for a strategic consulting firm, and would like to move into private equity in the long run."

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Graduate success and student internships

The University of Vermont has proven student success: UVM graduates get satisfying jobs and attend prestigious graduate schools! Internships, hands-on experience, and career preparation ensure students are ready for the workplace.

International students can start their career in Optional Practical Training - work experience in the USA after they have graduated.

Extensive alumni network

The University of Vermont has 92,000+ alumni. Famous alumni include:

  • John Dewey, 19th century educational philosopher
  • Jody Williams, recipient of the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize
  • John McGill, Doctors Without Borders and recipient of 1999 Nobel Peace Prize 
  • Oscar nominee Jon Kilik, producer of The Hunger GamesMalcolm X and Babel.

Successful graduate students

Success in the workplace Success in academic life
University of Vermont graduate survey:*
  • 91% of graduates employed within a year
  • 95% of graduates are satisfied with their job
University of Vermont graduate survey:*
  • 19% enrolled in graduate school within a year
  • 9% applying to graduate school
Ranking recognition:
Businessweek logo

#40 Top University in the USA for high salaries earned by graduates in mid-career

Bloomberg Businessweek
The University of Vermont is ranked 40th on a list of the 50 US universities whose bachelor's degree graduates earn the highest salaries. Vermont is #7 ranked public university on the list.

The University ranks highly because of salaries of the upper tier (90th percentile) of mid-career alumni with 10+ years of experience. Vermont alumni in that category earn $194,000 (Vermont alums median earnings is $82,700 mid-career, and $44,800 as starting employees), based on data compiled by

Ranking recognition:
Wall Street Journal logo

#18 Top Public University for placing grads in the most prestigious medical, law, and business graduate schools in the USA

Wall Street Journal
A survey placed the University of Vermont 18th in a list of the top 30 public universities ranked for their success in placing students in the America's most prestigious medical, law, and business master's degrees. There are over 500 public universities and colleges nationally.

Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Johns Hopkins, University of Chicago, and MIT were among the 15 graduate programs whose admissions records were surveyed to develop Wall Street Journal's top "feeder schools" list.
* University of Vermont 2011 graduate survey data

Active, hands-on learning

The practical application of knowledge enhances the University of Vermont academic experience. Whether through research ($132 million in sponsored program funding, won by Vermont faculty in 2015), fieldwork, service-learning, or internships and co-ops, University of Vermont students have a high level of hands-on learning. 


60% of University of Vermont business students do summer internships at companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ralph Lauren, Boeing, Jet Blue, General Electric, and Ernst & Young.

70% of the Grossman School of Business Class of 2011 received full-time job offers within 3 months after graduation.

Internships offer a great opportunity to gain the hands-on experience expected by today's employers. At the University of Vermont, students are supported in finding and completing an internship. A student internship is invaluable in establishing career networks and career mentors in the USA.

What type of internships does the University of Vermont offer?

Student internships can be completed locally in Vermont, across the US, or even in your home country. You may be able to earn academic credit towards your bachelor's degree (meaning you must pay a tuition fee as with all other courses). Internships may be paid hourly, rewarded by a small stipend payment, or can be volunteer positions.

Type of internship Options for University of Vermont students
Academic credit-bearing Major-related course: If your internship is closely related to your academic major, and your department offers credit for internships, you can obtain credit for your internship and the academic work associated with it.
Elective course: Service Learning Internship Course (1-12 credits): provide community service in conjunction with academic reflection, and earn credit for doing so. Internships are usually in non-profit agencies. The course is offered in the fall, spring and summer for students of all majors.
Elective course: Field Experience/Practicum (3 credits): work in either the non-profit or for-profit sector. Students from all majors may enroll for elective credit with the department of Community Development and Applied Economics.
Not-for Credit Not-for-credit internships are simply to gain career-related experience, and are not a formal part of your bachelor's degree. These types of student internships are usually completed during the summer break, as you near completion of your degree.

Examples of University of Vermont student internships

Business internships:

  • Oppenheimer & Co, summer analyst (high yield fixed income research)
  • Vtrim Healthy Weight Management, sales and marketing intern
  • Digitas, project manager
  • Ernst and Young, mergers and acquisitions intern

Mathematics internships:

  •, Analytics and Inventory team intern

Engineering internships:

  • Vermont Gas Systems, construction engineering department
  • Grenier Engineering, surveying intern
  • SemiProbe, product engineering intern
  • Burton (snowboard designer and manufacturer), Engineering Design Team

Computer Science internships:

  • Higher Turnover Websites, website coding upgrade
  • Bluehouse Group, website programmer
  • Harbour Industries, database management
  • Compass School, IT project management

Environmental Science internships:

  • National Wildlife Federation, assessing mercury contamination in birds
  • Green Building architectural firm, designing an ecologically-smart roof
  • Television channel KJRH, meteorologist intern
  • US Fish and Wildlife Department intern

Career Services

The Career + Experience Hub is an active and open space in the Student Center, dedicated to engaging students in career and experiential learning. Students can collaborate with partners and peer mentors for information, preparation and connections on jobs, internships, undergraduate research, leadership, and service-learning. Students are encouraged to explore career ideas, build skills and develop personally, academically and professionally.

The services of the Career Center include:Career counselling for international students

  • dedicated International Career Counselor supports international students in their job and internship searches
  • one-on-one career counseling
  • quick consultations to explore career opportunities
  • employer interviews on campus
  • weekday drop-in discussions (no appointment necessary)
  • career library and resource guides
  • weekly workshops: resume writing, job and internship search, networking
  • alumni network

Work in the USA: Optional Practical Training (OPT)

As an international student, you can extend your work experience opportunities in America with OPT (Optional Practical Training) - a US Government immigration scheme. Optional Practical Training allows undergraduate and graduate international students with F-1 visa status to work for 12 to 29 months on their student visa without needing to acquire a work visa.

You can take this time in shorter sessions during summer vacations, or use the full duration after graduation from your bachelor's degree. Employment must be related to your major field of study.

The standard period is 12 months of OPT. However, students majoring in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (the STEM subjects) can extend OPT up to 29 months.

Visit the US Citizenship and Immigration Services website for FAQ about Optional Practical Training in the USA.