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International student at the University of Vermont

Claudio Vásquez

from: Chile
program: teacher education
year: 2012-13

"When I first saw the University of Vermont, I knew I had made the right decision. The facilities were amazing, the architecture was beautiful, and everyone seemed really nice. Once I meet the rest of the international students, I realized there was something bonding us, we were ready to be part of the big spirit Vermont has. The days passed and I started meeting a lot of new people. I was really happy to be part of my residence hall. Every residence mate I had tried to introduce me to all their friends, they made me feel at home."

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University of Vermont campus life

International students will get an excellent American college experience at the University of Vermont - superior academics on one of the most beautiful, historic campuses in the USA, located in the safe and liveable small city of Burlington.

Campus map

When you join the Global Gateway Program, you will live and learn on the University of Vermont campus. Your Year 1 classes, dining hall, and housing are all in the eastern area of campus (called the Athletic campus, because many sport facilities are located there), within a short walk, bike, or bus shuttle ride to all other parts of the University of Vermont's campus.

Central campus is home to the library, Student Center, computing center, and other student services.

University of Vermont campus map

Campus safety

University of Vermont places high priority on the security of its students and staff with many safety precautions and programs implemented on campus: 

On-campus security personnel

A strong and capable security and safety staff to patrol and ensure protection campus-wide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Emergency call boxes

Scattered throughout the college campus are either wall-mounted or free-standing emergency call boxes that provide immediate access to campus security.

Security cameras

Campus buildings and residence halls are monitored by video surveillance cameras, supervised by campus security.

Emergency alert system

Text messages, phone calls and email notifications are sent to alert the campus community of a pending or current emergency situation. In some cases, sirens are also used to alert the student population.

Secure building access

All student residence halls are locked and monitored 24 hours a day and are only accessible to students by an electronic card access control system. Campus buildings and facilities are only accessible after hours by the electronic card system or by checking in with campus security.

Safe transportation for students

Shuttle buses provide safe and reliable transportation for students across campus. Students can also avail of escort services through campus security to ensure if required.

Safety awareness trainings

The University provides prevention, awareness, and response training and workshops to all faculty, staff, and students on all issues of campus security. UVM also enforces policies and security initiatives to create a safe and secure environment for students’ educational experience.

Abundant student life

The University of Vermont offers a fun and lively student life, full of activities and events - athletics, clubs and organizations, leadership opportunities, civic engagement, service, and off-campus activities.

Student clubs and organizations

Over 170 clubs are available to students at the University of Vermont. Through them you can seek out opportunities for involvement, friendship, service and play, that will keep you balanced in mind, body and spirit! Nearly 80% of students at the University of Vermont are involved in one or more of the student clubs, organizations and sports activities on campus.

The internationally competitive 110+ year-old Lawrence Debate Union is ranked #15 in the world.

The student newspaper has won the top American college media award, twice!

The radio station gets more listeners than just about any college station in the world.

  • See list below/right for academic, student media, musical, artistic, cultural and outdoor clubs
  • List of sports and fitness clubs

Fraternity and Sorority Life

The University of Vermont's 16 chapters uphold a proud Greek Life tradition. Becoming actively involved as a member of a fraternity or sorority can be among the most rewarding American university experiences. Joining a fraternity or sorority provides opportunities to enhance learning experiences and develop citizenship, intellect, leadership, and lifelong friendships.

Volunteering, formal events, organized fund raisers, camaraderie: Greek life remains a 175-year tradition at University of Vermont and attracts many students.

Campus events

Music concert at the University of Vermont

A variety of entertainment is organized for University of Vermont students both on- and off-campus. Major events include the University's Week of Welcome, SpringFest, Heritage Months, and WinterFest.

Numerous other dance parties, lectures and fun events are held, such as:

  • free movie nights
  • casino nights
  • night skiing
  • barbecues at the lake
  • live comedians
  • monthly International Film and Food evening
  • pub quiz
  • Bingo

Music concerts

Whether unplugged in Brennan's Pub on campus, student band contests, or rocking out at Springfest, great live music regularly comes to the University of Vermont!

Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor adventure at the University of VermontThe state of Vermont is a natural outdoor playground. All skill levels have options to explore mountains, lakes, rivers, high peaks, and snow. There are many outdoor adventures, wilderness skill development trips, and opportunities for enthusiasts of all skills and abilities.

Hike, paddle, climb, bike, or explore swimming holes and waterfalls with the University's biggest student activity club, the Outing Club. The University's Outdoor Programs also provide wilderness trips, technical skill development and leadership training.

Community Service and Civic Engagement

Student community service at the University of VermontGetting involved in community service or volunteering while at the University of Vermont is easy, and rewarding! A dedicated team of students and staff that support over 20 volunteer clubs and many service events each year. Opportunities range from Alternative Spring Break programs, to a service fraternity, to mentoring programs with local children, to projects like building houses or working with animals.

Catamounts Care days are University-wide days of service that are a great way to learn about and help local community organizations who are helping to make a difference here in Vermont