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Before You Leave

If you are a new student joining the Global Gateway Program at the University of Vermont, you may have some questions about what it’s like to live and study in the USA. Find out what you need to do before you arrive, visa information, and what you can expect in your first few weeks.

Your Arrival Guide 

Before you depart for the USA there are several important tasks you need to complete. We have compiled this important information into an arrival guide, which can be found here.

In this guide you will find useful information including:

  • what to do after you've been accepted
  • setting up your student ID
  • how to travel to UVM
  • what to pack.

Your Pre-Arrival Checklist

Before you depart, please make sure you:

  • Sign up for your UVM email account
  • Organize the required immunizations and bring records
  • Send your official high school documents to UVM admissions
  • Complete your online Housing and Meal Plan contract
  • Send your arrival information to
  • Upload your immunization form to the MyWellbeing Portal
  • Bring your immunization records, official high school documents, and payment receipts to UVM
  • Pay tuition and fees according to your invoice
  • Begin checking your UVM email at least twice a day. You will begin receiving important information prior to your arrival.

  • Take the Math Readiness Placement Test.

    Undergraduate students must take a math placement test before they start at UVM. Instructions to take the test will be emailed to your UVM email address by the Math Department. It is critical that you complete this test before you arrive, in order for GGP to register you in the correct math course.

    Find Your Coursemates

    Why not take a look at our Facebook, Youtube and Instagram accounts to see what our students have been up to, and get an idea of life at UVM? 

    When You Arrive

    We know it can be overwhelming when you first arrive to live in another country. At the International Study Center, you will find support at every step.

    Your Questions Answered

    How will I meet people and make friends?

    It won’t take you long before you are accustomed to your life here and have made new friends. Attending orientation is key to help you settle in, beat homesickness and meet people like you. We will organize events to help you meet your classmates and build friendships. Plus, there are lots of clubs on campus you can join to meet people with similar interests to you.

    What if my English is not great?

    At the International Study Center, we will help develop your communication skills and build your confidence in reading, writing and speaking English

    What's it like to live in the USA?

    We know that moving to a different country to study is exciting, but it’s normal to feel a little bit nervous too. We will do all we can to help you settle in to living in the USA. To get an insight into what you can expect, visit EducationUSA.

    Will I be able to find food from my home country?

    It's hard to know what to expect when moving abroad, but you shouldn't be worried. There are a number of international and ethnic grocery stores in Burlington and the surrounding towns, so you will be able to find what you’re looking for. There are also many restaurants serving cuisine from around the world.

    Travel Information 

    Arriving by air

    Several major airlines serve Burlington International Airport (BTV) through other major American cities. UVM does not provide airport pickup. However, you can take a taxi from the airport to the UVM campus for about $15.00 USD (plus $2.00-$3.00 tip). It is a small airport and easy to get a taxi for the short ride to campus.

    Arriving by bus

    Greyhound offers regular bus service between Boston/New York/Montreal and Burlington. Megabus also runs frequent and inexpensive trips from Boston/New York to Burlington.

    Arriving by train

    Amtrak trains travel from New York, Washington, DC, and Montreal. All trains arrive in Essex Junction, Vermont, about 15 minutes from campus. For more information on schedules and fares, visit You will need to take a taxi from the train station to UVM campus.

    “The GGP helped me a lot. When I first came here I was confused. I felt like I wanted to make friends and I wanted to communicate but then the language barrier prevented me from doing that. After two semesters of the GGP, I felt really good progress. My professors helped me a lot.”

    Ste from China
    Studied Economics

    Key Dates

    International Student Orientation (Global Gateway Program, Undergraduate Direct Admission, and Pre-Master's Program)

    Fall 2019

    Unedrgraduate Direct Admit Orientation:
    August 19-23, 2019

    Global Gateway Programme Orientation:
    August 19-23, 2019

    Pre-Masters Programme Orientation:
    August 12-23, 2019

    Diversity at UVM

    UVM Pre Arrival Guide

    Find out what you need to know in the Pre-Arrival guide for The University of Vermont

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