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Why study in the USA?

Benefits of USA Study For International Students

It is no coincidence that more and more international students are choosing to study in the U.S. Degrees awarded here are recognized and respected throughout the world for their excellence. The USA offers prestigious universities and an internationally renowned education system. An inspiring destination for your further studies, the University of Vermont is consistently ranked among the top 100 universities in the USA (U.S. News & World Report).

Further education in the USA gives international students endless opportunities for adventure. The University of Vermont has its home in Burlington, recently named America’s #1 College Town by Travel + Leisure magazine. You can explore the diverse culture of this small city one day, and discover the lakes and mountains of Vermont the next.

The USA is a proud 'melting pot' of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. You will be welcome here, and you will have the opportunity to study alongside people from all around the world.

The nation that brought us advances in space exploration and Apple computers is an exciting place to live and learn. Research at the University of Vermont includes finding a vaccine for the Zika virus and discovering the hidden depths of Greenland’s ice sheet in our warming climate.

Why Choose America?

ISC student in the city

USA Education System

UVM students enjoying a class

Degrees in the USA are flexible and allow you to focus on a range of subjects before you choose your ‘major’.

Life in the USA

Burlington near University of Vermont

The USA is the fourth largest country by both area and population, home to exciting cities, beautiful national parks and a multicultural population.