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Pre-Master's Program

The Global Gateway Program for Graduate Study is our Pre-Master’s Program (PMP); a 1 or 2 -term pathway that prepares you for your master’s degree at UVM.

You can choose between nine degree options, all taught by prestigious UVM faculty. You’ll take four courses per semester, including two taught with other graduate students. During your degree, you will earn 24 credits in the 2-term program - 12 of these credits count towards your full graduate degree.

Curriculum and Electives

Term 1

  • Academic Writing for Graduate Students (3 credits)
  • Advanced Academic Communication Skills for Graduate Students (3 credits)
  • Subject Area Course (3-4 credits)
  • Subject Area Course (3-4 credits)

Term 2

  • Presenting Academic Research (3 credits)
  • Technical Writing (3 credits)
  • Subject Area Course (3-4 credits)
  • Subject Area Course (3-4 credits)

Subject area courses will vary depending on the chosen degree program.

Options include:

  • STAT 251 (Probability Theory)
  • MATH 237 (Introduction to Numerical Analysis)
  • CE/EE/ME 218 (Numerical Methods for Engineering)
  • ME 249 (Computational Fluids Engineering)
  • CS 243 (Theory of Computation)
  • PHYS 301 (Mathematical Physics)
  • PHRM 201 (Introduction to Pharmacology)
  • CHEM 236 (Physical Inorganic Chemistry)
  • ME 252 (Mechanical Behavior of Materials)
  • PHYS 222/331 (Biological Physics)


We are dedicated to helping you achieve your career goals at UVM. The PMP starts to prepare you through our integrated CareerAhead service. With the support of an International Career Counselor, you will gain the tools you need to impress employers, and make the right choices to succeed in your future career. The UVM Careers Center will support your career development throughout your time studying at UVM.

Progressed Vermont GGP student Hui Hui

"When I first came here I was confused. I felt like I wanted to make friends and I wanted to communicate but then the language barrier prevented me from doing that. After two semesters of the GGP, I felt really good progress. My professors helped me a lot."

Hui from China
Studied Global Gateway Program
Now studying Economics

Key Facts

Term Dates

  • January 04, 2018

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