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  • Jun 16 2019
    UVM Student Emma Golden

    The University of Vermont is not just one of the highest-ranked public universities in the USA, but also one of the top research institutions in the nation. We sat down with Emma Golden, a philosophy major/biochemistry minor from the USA, who is on the pre-med track, to talk about her research opportunities at UVM.

  • Apr 10 2019
    Courtney Beach graduated from University of Vermont in 2007, and tells us what student success looks like at UVM
  • Apr 05 2019
    We have talked with Matt Manz, CEMS Academic Advisor for International and Special Programs, about what new students at UVM can expect upon arrival.
  • Feb 19 2019
    Private Schools such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Dartmouth are all renowned for their rich history and academic superiority, but what if you could get an Ivy Leage education at a public university price?