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What is Student Success?

Q&A with Grossman School of Business Student Success Advisor and International Student Liaison Courtney Beach


Courtney Beach is a Student Success Advisor and International Student Liaison at the University of Vermont. Courtney graduated from UVM in 2007 and holds a Master’s degree in International Education from SIT Graduate Institute. She has been working in the field for more than a decade.

What steps would you encourage an international student to take in order to best get involved upon arriving to campus?

I would encourage students to think about what they want out of their time at university and set a few goals. Do they want work experience? Do they want leadership experience? From there – we can talk about how to get involved on campus. There are so many opportunities at Grossman School of Business and UVM as a whole, that sometimes it can feel overwhelming. It’s good to look at big picture goals and consider how to take smaller steps to accomplish these goals.

How does UVM support international students upon arrival?

There is an international student orientation where the Office of International Education goes over everything that international students need to know in detail. After business students are acclimated to campus, they then meet with me to talk about their academics. I meet with students first in small groups, then throughout the semester in one on one meetings.

What does “student success” look like at UVM?

I see a successful student as one that is happy! For some students this means excelling in the classroom or on the sports fields and in clubs. For other students this means having good relationships with faculty and peers. Student success looks different for every student, but as long as each student is happy and feels supported I believe they will be successful.

In the past, what activities/groups have been popular amongst international students upon arriving to the campus?

In the School of Business, we have international students involved with peer mentoring, international leadership team, internships, competing in case competitions, joining business clubs (marketing, accounting, finance, business analytics) and working in the student success office.

How does the Grossman School of Business support international students?

International business students have their own academic advisor, (me!), that has been working in the field of international education for over ten years. We have support in place for tutoring, note taking, and leadership as well.

How do classes in the Grossman School of Business differ in comparison to pre-requisites?

Business classes have a lot of theory to practice. Students are learning hands on about best practices in business and putting them to work through group and individual projects.

What makes the Grossman School of Business unique?

Students begin taking Business courses in their first year, so students really get to experience what the business world is like right away. Also, you will always have an instructor and not a TA, so students really get to know their professors.

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