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What can you do with a business administration degree?

What can you do with a Business Administration degree?

Are you looking to enter the world of business? Excited by the opportunities that the business world offers? Then learning about the foundations of business at the University of Vermont will be a great way to open doors to numerous future careers. Business administration graduates are some of the most in-demand individuals due to the excellent transferable skills developed during their studies, such as problem-solving, decision-making and analytical thinking.

As a business administration graduate you gain a comprehensive understanding of a broad range of business subjects such as marketing, accounting, human resources and finance, all preparing you for a successful career.

With this in mind, let’s find out a bit more about where this degree can take you…

Business Administration careers

Every business needs leaders with the right skill set and experience to help the business grow. With a business administration degree you’ll gain key business skills such as strategic planning, people management and organizational leadership - ensuring you are highly desirable to future employers. The skills you build during your study will open up a wide range of career options in a variety of business fields. Below are just a few of the possible careers that business administration graduates pursue.


Many business administration students move into the field of accountancy. If you are considering this career you’ll need to have strong numerical skills as your main role will be to manage money, usually within three main specialties; tax, financial and management accounting. A career in accounting offers a future salary of around $70,000, well above the national average. Salaries vary depending on industry and role, but can exceed $100,000 for experienced accountants in certain areas. Students studying business administration at UVM can choose to specialize in accounting, preparing you for the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) exam.

Business Advisor

By building your business knowledge and developing excellent communication skills, you’ll be in a great position to work as a business advisor. Business advisors offer advice and support to start-ups, help established businesses grow and provide insight into market trends and new opportunities. By covering a wide range of business areas during your studies you’ll be ready to offer advice on disciplines from marketing and finance to business plans and recruitment. Business advisors can usually demonstrate an excellent business sense and therefore have an average starting salary of nearly $50,000, increasing significantly as experience is gained in the position.


The role of entrepreneur is not for everyone - the risk and intensity of starting new businesses can be overwhelming. However, if you are keen to build your own business, then developing your business administration skills will give you a thorough understanding of the business fundamentals - vital to your future entrepreneurial success. The salary of an entrepreneur varies considerably but, on average, an entrepreneur pays themselves around $70,000 per year - a very healthy salary.

Market Research Analyst

If you enjoy working with trends, numbers and statistics then this role may be for you. Market research analysts use their research to deepen a business’s knowledge about potential new markets, consumer trends, threats to the business or new sales potential. Analysts will usually have strong analytical skills, good software knowledge and the ability to explain their findings to others. Salaries average around $63,000 per year, but vary depending on experience.

Sales Manager

Sales managers are mainly responsible for developing, leading and guiding a team of sales people, although their role can vary considerably. Successful sales managers need great interpersonal skills to train, coach and mentor their teams. They also need excellent planning, organization and forecasting skills - which you’ll gain through your business administration degree. The average sales manager salary is around $135,000 per year, although there is considerable difference based on employer and experience.

If you are unsure about your future career path, Business Administration students at UVM initially study a wide range of modules before choosing to concentrate their learning, which will help to prepare you for your future career path. Choosing from accounting, finance, marketing or business analytics, you will study relevant courses that will develop your specific industry knowledge and skills.


Business Administration continuing education

Some graduates decide to undertake further study after they finish their business administration degree. If your interest lies in a particular specialty, then graduate study will help you deepen your knowledge in that area and give you a competitive advantage over other candidates when applying for future roles. Graduate study also demonstrates your commitment to becoming a leading figure in your chosen field.

Certain career paths require further professional qualifications which you may decide to pursue after graduation. For example, if you are looking to move into accountancy, you will need to undertake professional qualifications such as a Masters of Accountancy degree to enable you to practice in the field.

Reasons to study Business Administration

Career and course variety

The wide range of career paths with strong prospects is one of the main reasons that students choose to study business administration. The degree introduces you to an array of disciplines and you’ll never focus on just one business operation. Opportunities lie in marketing, accountancy and finance, human resources, sales, law, customer care and information technology. Your knowledge of such a broad range of business disciplines will help you stand out in your future career.

Transferable skills

Successful business people demonstrate strong leadership and communication skills and a business administration degree helps you acquire these key transferable skills. Collaborative learning, group presentations, hands-on activities and business projects will develop your interpersonal skills and build your confidence ready for the workplace.

Studying Business Administration at UVM

At UVM we offer a first-class business administration degree within the Grossman School of Business. The Business School is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business - putting it in the top 5% of business schools worldwide. The Business School creates highly skilled graduates ready for the world of business. In 2018, 93% of UVM students were employed or continuing their education within six months of graduating, with recent graduates taking up positions at the Bank of America, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Google, Goldman Sachs and Boeing.

The degree helps students build on their classroom experiences by working on projects in real business settings. Covering three interdisciplinary themes of global business, sustainable business and entrepreneurship, you’ll also have the opportunity to specialize in areas that you’d like to pursue in your future career.

Within your degree program at UVM you have the option to undertake an internship with top organizations. Embarking on work experience within your chosen sector gives you a real-life opportunity to apply your learning, demonstrate your ability and gain valuable industry skills. Recent internships for Grossman School of Business students include:

  • Burton (China)
  • CB Sacks
  • Center for International Policy
  • General Electric
  • Keurig Dr. Pepper
  • Pfizer
  • State of Vermont
  • State Street
  • USA Hockey
  • Walt Disney World

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