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Why study a masters degree in the USA?

7 benefits of studying a master's degree in the USA

Are you interested in studying a masters degree but not sure if it is the right thing to do? Deciding to continue your education after you graduate is a big decision which shouldn’t be made lightly, but there are plenty of great reasons why it could be the best choice for you and your future career. 

You may be weighing up the cost of further study with the chance to get out into the workplace and it’s definitely tempting to get working straight away, but could graduate school offer more benefits in the long-term? Graduate students from the University of Vermont have gone on to achieve success in a range of fields, and so could you.

So, let’s take a look at the seven main reasons to pursue graduate studies…

1. Gain advanced knowledge of your subject area

Whether you continue to study the same subject as your bachelor’s degree, or choose to delve deeper into a specialty of interest, a master’s degree is a great way to extend your knowledge of a chosen subject. Through independent research and by focusing your study on your specialty you’ll become an expert in your field, and a valuable asset to your future employer.

2. Advance your career prospects

If you have a clear vision for your future, through graduate study you’ll gain a competitive edge in the job market and be more likely to gain a highly skilled position. Masters level study is a big step up from your undergraduate course work and you’ll continue to improve your reading, research and analytical skills, alongside demonstrating your commitment to your chosen career for future employers.

Undertaking further study can be expensive, so you need to know that it will be financially beneficial in the long-term. In the US, graduate students earn 25% more per year on average than those with an undergraduate degree - definitely a worthwhile investment. Furthermore, international graduate study is a great addition to your CV and highly valued by employees, demonstrating independence, resilience and adaptability - key skills in the business world.

At the University of Vermont, our students have access to first-class career development and support and by attending career workshops and events, graduate students continue to benefit from this great service.

3. Personal development

During your graduate study, you’ll develop a greater level of independent thinking, autonomy and self-motivation. If you decide to study your masters degree in the USA as an international student, you'll also be learning about a new culture and improving your understanding of the English language - invaluable life skills to enhance your personal development.

4. Career change

Perhaps you are ready for a new challenge in your career and are thinking about a change of direction, if so, a masters program can help you switch career paths. With many programs open to students with a wide range of bachelor degrees you can find a course that will give you a great start in your new career.

5. Pursue your interests

During your undergraduate study you will have gained a broad understanding of your chosen subject, but at graduate level you can choose courses that start to focus on your personal area of interest. There are many opportunities to fully engage with your subject and extracurricular activities like guest lectures, workshops, volunteering and student mentoring will help you develop your ideas and thoughts around your field of interest.

6. Connect with people professionally

Gaining good contacts within your field is one of the major benefits to graduate study. Networking with both peers and faculty members can help develop life-long contacts, professional support and even job opportunities.

Through a variety of organized events and activities at UVM we encourage graduate students to meet new people and build long-term relationships. With a truly global student body, you will establish a network of professional contacts from around the world.

7. Academic recognition

Whilst studying for your masters degree there is a good chance that you’ll need to undertake a research project as part of the course requirements. Students that produce exceptional research may achieve recognition for their work within the academic community. This may lead to further research funding, prominence in your field and potential future job opportunities.

Why study a masters degree in the USA?

If the above has helped you make the decision to continue with your studies once you graduate (or even return to them after some time in the workplace), then your next consideration will be about where to study! We’ve put together some top reasons as to why the USA offers some of the best graduate opportunities available to you...

World-class universities

There are an abundance of world-class universities to choose from in the USA. With first-class teaching standards, fantastic facilities and an unrivalled choice of graduate courses available, it is easy to see why the USA is a popular destination for overseas students.

Globally recognized degrees

Masters programs in the US are recognized across the world, with employers seeking out applicants who have studied at top US universities. With such prestigious universities to choose from, and a wide array of subjects available, it may be difficult to make that final choice.

Alongside providing world-class graduate opportunities, the University of Vermont offers fantastic support to international students, aiming to enrich the lives of students throughout their course of study, with English language support, career advice and a diverse student body.

Improve your language skills

If English is not your native language, you’ll also be adding additional language skills to your CV. With extra language support for international graduate students studying at a university such as UVM will help you improve your language proficiency.

International students immerse themselves in the language, through study, social activities and new cultural experiences, gaining a new perspective on the world we live in.

Career opportunities

The professional development of students is a key focus for US universities. Through the provision of career services, workshops, tutorials and career fairs, you’ll get a clearer sense of the right career path for you. If you find yourself in your final undergraduate year unsure of what to do next, then studying at graduate level will help you to define your personal career goals and consolidate your thoughts around your professional life.

Work alongside experts in the field

Prestigious universities attract first-class, world renowned academics and US universities have some of the leading experts across the globe. At UVM you’ll be surrounded by academic staff and fellow graduate students who are dedicated to achieving their goals, working within excellent facilities and beautiful surroundings.

The University of Vermont proudly includes top business experts as guest lecturers - individuals who have a proven track record of success in both academia and real world business scenarios.

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Graduate study in the USA - international students

So now you know what the USA has to offer, where exactly do you want to study? At the University of Vermont we invite international students to embark on our Masters International Year (MIY) which is designed to help you adjust to university life in the US. After completing this two-term pathway that includes studying specialist subject-related courses alongside an English language preparatory course, students can progress to one of nine masters degrees within the university.

By successfully completing the MIY program you’ll gain 12 credits towards your academic program, in addition to meeting the English language requirement for UVM. Students who do not undertake a thesis can graduate in two years, from starting the MIY to finishing their masters program.

Studying a masters degree at UVM opens a world of future career opportunities, with recent graduates progressing on to exciting roles in Californian-based tech firms, or choosing to continue their studies at the PHD level.

Take a look at how the Masters International Year at the University of Vermont would benefit you and your career.

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